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John Romano
"If you were to get on the internet, and you want to start finding out everything you can about trucking, you’ll get a lot, but if you go to Dan, he’s like going to an internet source just to sit down and talk with him. I don’t care if it’s regulations, strategy in depositions, pleadings, motions, hearings, anything."
Howard Nations
“Dan’s generosity and sharing his brilliance with all truck victims and their lawyers is exceeded only by his own aggressive devotion to seeking justice for his clients.”
Howard Spiva
“Dan is a smart lawyer, but there’s lots of smart lawyers out there. Dan’s a hard worker, but there’s a lot of hard workers out there. Dan is knowledgeable in trucking law, but there a lot of lawyers out there knowledgeable in the law. The difference in Dan is he’s got a huge heart.”
Steve Libman
“Dan has tirelessly fought for victims of trucking crashes since the beginning of his career. There really is nobody who’s been bigger in the business.”
David Craig
“The combination of being passionate as well as knowledgeable makes him an extraordinarily gifted plaintiff lawyer in the area of commercial motor vehicles.”
Bernard Walsh
"Dan ... may well be the most knowledgeable person I have ever meet in trucking litigation."
Greg Cusimano
“Dan is a great lawyer, totally dedicated, even more than that, he’s fun to work with.”
Paul Wacker
“I can tell you Danny’s got a passion, and I could see that about him, and I could see that something changed in Dan, and I think what changed in him was the recognition and the realization that people were getting hurt and killed that shouldn’t have been getting hurt and killed.”
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Dan Ramsdell is on everybody’s short list of trucking gurus. He knows the area as well as anybody practicing today, and he’s not afraid to take the fight to the motor carriers. His extraordinary results in trucking cases speak for themselves.
Quentin Brogdon
Attorney - Crain Lewis Brogdon LLP
You are brilliant my friend! So glad to be working with you.
Sumeet Kaul
Attorney - Morgan & Morgan
Dan Ramsdell is one of the most respected advocates in the country for persons grievously injured by a truck crash or families victimized by the wrongful death of a loved one because of a truck crash. Not only does Dan represent victims in court, but he is also recognized nationally for his decades-long devotion to the enforcement of truck safety on the nation’s roads. Government may fail to act to require more corporate responsibility from large trucking companies, legislators may give low priority to truck safety on our highways, but you can bet Dan will be speaking out on the side of the motoring public’s protection.

Dan achieves great results in court cases around the country. He is often brought into truck crash cases by other attorneys who want Dan’s expertise on the subject and his trial instincts. This broad experience in court trying truck accident cases is what makes Dan even more effective out of court, where the decision of a corporation to go against him or settle the case is made well before a lawsuit is even filed.

His creative and scholarly approach to trucking litigation gets noticed by those of us who regularly handle truck accident legal cases. Dan knows what he’s talking about because he’s thinking, writing, or speaking about truck accident victims probably every moment of his day. Most cases that Dan handles are referred to him by other attorneys. The cases often involve tragic, complex situations and catastrophic consequences. A true testament to Dan’s leadership in the field of trucking litigation is his engagement by other attorneys looking for a national authority to assist in achieving just results for their clients.
Lee Norwind
Attorney - Karp, Wigodsky, Norwind & Gold, P.A